William Tang

William Tang

Master of Science Epidemiology Student at McGill University

EXPERTISE: Health Research & Badminton Most Recent Experience: Research Assistant at McMaster University

My Story

I am a master's student in Epidemiology at McGill Univeristy. I completed my undergraduate degree in Health Science with a specialization in Health Research at the University of Waterloo. During my undergraduate degree, I had the opportunity to conduct health research at the University of Waterloo School of Pharmacy, the International Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation Project, the University of Alberta, and McMaster University. These experiences have made me realize that I am passionate about improving the lives of those around me.

Outside of school I enjoy playing badminton, cooking, hiking, and trying out new restaurants! Feel free to reach out to me at william.tang1013@mail.mcgill.ca if we share common hobbies or you want to chat about health reserach!


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Work Experience

From Aug 2021 To Present McMaster University Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact Remote Work

Research Assistant

I am currently working on two systematic reviews on food allergy and e-cigarette with researchers from Brazil and the Netherlands.

From May 2021 To Aug 2021

(4 Months)

University of Alberta Department of Occupational Therapy Remote Work

Research & Project Manager Assistant

I relaunched a mobile application pilot project that was stagnated for 3 years through effectively managing the ethics amendment, hardware procurement, and stakeholder engagement. This project was later awarded a $300,000 grant as it holds potential to improve the workflow of personal support workers in Alberta. Besides project management, I also conducted bibliometric analysis literature reviews, cleaned 7,000+ rows of text data, and wrote manuscripts for various conferences and congress.

From Jan 2021 To Apr 2021

(4 Months)

International Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation Project Remote Work

Research Assistant

I conducted literature reviews and market research on various tobacco topics to support several NIH and CIHR multi-million-dollar grant applications. Additionally, I was also heavily involved in research administrative duties such as maintaining a global tobacco control policy database and analyzing 3000+ survey data using Excel. Lastly, I initiated and implemented an internal reporting procedure to increase co-op students’ productivity.

From Sept 2020 To Dec 2020

(4 Months)

Defence and Security Foresight Group Remote Work

Social Media and Marketing Academic Assistant

Developed a political science database to support a Canada-Wide research project and produced dissemination materials using Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe InDesign, and Canva.

From Jan 2020 To Aug 2020

(8 Months)

University of Waterloo School of Pharmacy Kitchener, Ontario

Research Assistant & Web Developer

My biggest contribution was evaluating a mental health program with a PhD student. The results were presented at a webinar hosted by the Elder Abuse Prevention Ontario with more than 300+ attendees. Besides the evaluation project, I worked with a Senior Software Engineer to integrate knowledge translation materials to a website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

From Sept 2019 To Apr 2020

(8 Months)

University of Waterloo Department of Housing Waterloo, Ontario

Student Researcher

Developed survey and interview guide questions for a mixed methods project to evaluate University of Waterloo students' co-op experiences. Other duties include drafting ethics documents, conducting literature reviews, and taking meeting minutes.

From Sept 2019 To Dec 2019

(4 months)

University of Waterloo Data Analytics and Reporting team Waterloo, Ontario

Employment Metrics Analyst

I had the opportunity to clean and analyze the world's largest co-op database using simple packages in R and various Excel functions and add-ins. My work helped business developers to adopt better job mining practices. I also built Power BI dashboards to streamline an internal reporting process.


  • HLTH 173 — Indigenous Health
  • HLTH 201 — Aging & Health
  • HLTH 202 — Principles of Public and Population Health
  • HLTH 230 — Introduction to Health Informatics
  • HLTH 245 — Canadian Health Systems
  • HLTH 260 — Social Determinants of Health
  • HLTH 280 — Health Ethics
  • HLTH 320 — Psychosocial Perspectives on Lifespan Development and Health
  • HLTH 333 — Principles of Epidemiology
  • HLTH 340 — Environmental Toxicology & Public Health
  • HLTH 350 — Principles of Environmental & Occupational Health
  • HLTH 370 — Ecological Determinants of Health
  • HLTH 373 — Mental Health Systems & Policy
  • HLTH 432A — Honours Thesis Part A
  • HLTH 432B — Honours Thesis Part B
  • HLTH 442 — Non-Communicable Disease Epidemiology
  • HLTH 443 — Communicable Disease Epidemiology
  • HLTH 448— Advanced Social Determinants of Health
  • EPIB 601 — Fundamentals of Epidemiology (Graduate Level Course)
  • EPIB 603 — Intermediate Epidemiology (Graduate Level Course)
  • PPHS 602 — Foundations of Population Hlth (Graduate Level Course)
  • MATH 127 — Calculus 1 for the Sciences
  • BIOL 130 — Introductory Cell Biology
  • BIOL 130L — Cell Biology Laboratory
  • CHEM 120 — Physical and Chemical Properties of Matter
  • CHEM 120L — Chemical Reaction Laboratory 1
  • KIN 217 — Human Biochemistry
  • BIOL 239 — Genetics
  • BIOL 273 — Principles of Human Physiology 1
  • HLTH 290 — Introduction to Neuroscience
  • HLTH 341 — Principles of Pathobiology
  • HLTH 204 — Quantitative Approaches to Health Science
  • HLTH 303 — Program Planning and Evaluation
  • STAT 316 — Introduction to SAS Programming
  • HLTH 344 — Qualitative Methods for Health Research
  • HLTH 451 — Analysis and Management of Health Information
  • PHARM 611 — Methods for Research Evidence Synthesis: The Scoping Review Approach (Graduate Level Course)
  • EPIB 605 — Critical Appraisal in Epidemiology (Graduate Level Course)
  • EPIB 607 — Inferential Statistics (Graduate Level Course)
  • EPIB 613 — Introduction to Statistical Software (Graduate Level Course)
  • EPIB 621 — Data Analysis in Health Science (Graduate Level Course)
  • PD 4 — Teamwork
  • PD 5 — Project Management
  • PD 13 — Research in the Workplace
  • The Web Development Bootcamp
  • Build Responsive Real World Websites with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Web Design for Web Developers: Build Beautiful Websites
  • React JS- Complete Guide for Frontend Web Development 2021
  • 2022 Python Data Analysis & Visualization Masterclass
  • The Complete JavaScript Course 2020: From Zero to Expert (Currently Taking the Course)
  • The Modern Python 3 Bootcamp (Currently Taking the Course)


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